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Leading industrial valve supplier in Russia offering exceptional valves created with cutting-edge technology for a wide range of industries.

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Premium Industrial Valve Supplier in Russia

Zhejiang Alter Valve Co. Ltd is a name that resonates with high quality and unwavering performance in delivering the best industrial valves. With a team of highly skilled specialists at the helm, ALTER Valve firmly established itself as the leading industrial valve supplier in Russia.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in valve manufacturing, sales, and marketing, alongside our unwavering commitment to excellence, we have risen to the top ranks as one of Russia's leading industrial valve suppliers. Leveraging our collaboration with other leading manufacturers across Russia, we have empowered ourselves to offer affordable and durable high-end products that play a discernible role in multiple industries. Every valve we produce represents the pinnacle of engineering brilliance and manufacturing mastery. Our proven track record is a testament to our success because we provide more than just products. We offer trust, expertise, and a mutual dedication to achieving greatness.

ALTER Valve is more than just an alternative - it is a gateway that unlocks endless possibilities for your industrial needs.

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Our Vision

To be a customer-focused partner that practices the latest industry standards and employee-centric policies. To consistently deliver highly innovative and technology-driven top-quality products.

Our Mission

To continually strive to push our boundaries in industrial valve expertise and quality control to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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Engineered Valves Designed for Optimal Performance and Longevity

At ALTER Valve, we ensure the highest quality of our products by sourcing our raw materials exclusively from trusted vendors across Russia. Multiple industries can benefit from our extensive inventory of valves. We offer valves in various sizes to meet your specific needs, ranging from 1/4" to 42". Our valves are built to withstand different pressure classes, ranging from 150# to 2500#.

Our ability to offer quality excellence, affordability, and value is what makes us the most dependable valve supplier in Russia.

Our Industrial Partners

Your Reliable Industrial Valve Supplier in Russia

Our valves fulfil a wide range of industry requirements. They play a key role in helping you achieve your business goals while reducing effort, time, and expenses.

Close-up industrial view of pipelines in an oil and gas refinery tank zone.
Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas industry encompasses heavy-duty exploring, extracting, refining, transporting, and marketing petroleum products. Our valves are attuned to align with the high pressure, temperature, and anti-corrosion standards.

A close-up industrial view of a chemical refinery.

Chemical industries need to focus on minimizing pollutants and emissions & simultaneously focus on their production. Our valves are designed to meet stringent industry requirements by enhancing safety measures and reducing emissions.

Large blue tanks, pipes, and valves in an industrial water treatment plant.
Water Treatment

Efficient waste management is a crucial parameter for an industry that recycles unclean water into a usable resource. Our valves are critical in the desalination, transportation, and distribution cycle.

High voltage power transformer substation with blue sky and sunset.

The power industry is integral in keeping modern industry and commerce alive and functioning. Our valves are engineered to minimize downtime, maximize energy efficiency, and create safer working environments.

Rise to the Top With ALTER Valves’ Incredible Power & Performance

We empower and support the industrial world with our superior quality valves, excellent customer services and unmatched technical support.

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ALTER is a professional and established supplier of industrial valves, valve parts, and pipes. With ALTER, you can source products at a competitive price with guaranteed quality and the trackable supporting.
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