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Choose from our wide selection of Y-strainers to effectively filter harmful debris and safeguard your equipment.
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Y Strainers: An Overview

The Y strainer is a simple device used in fluid control applications to remove solids and other debris from liquids and other mediums. These filters feature perforated or wire mesh elements that work efficiently to ensure cleaner and clearer pipelines. They play a crucial role in protecting downstream components like valves, pumps, steam traps, pressure regulators, process controls, and flow metres from the potentially harmful impact of particles in the fluid. They are also used in applications that have small quantities of impurities.

For years, Alter Valve has been the chosen Y strainer supplier for many industries in India. As one of the leading valve suppliers in India, we specialise in supplying high-quality Y-strainers, offering a cost-effective solution for efficiently eliminating waste, solids, and scales from liquid, gas, or steam pipelines. Our Y strainers are omnipresent in many industrial processes. They come equipped with a drain plug or valve to flush sediments efficiently from the bottom of the strainer.

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Benefits That Make Our Y Strainers Popular

Cost Effective
Budget-friendly Y strainers that prove to be a wise, long-term investment for a diverse range of industrial applications.
Versatile Benefits
Diverse utility for debris removal and protection of regulators, control valves, metres, steam traps, and other fluid-processing equipment.
Easy Maintenance
Manual cleaning liquid flow with small amounts of debris (the strainer is cleaned after shutting down the line and manually removing the strainer cap). Automatic blow-off connection for applications with larger volumes of debris.
Diverse Applications
Utilised in chemical, petroleum, marine, manufacturing, oil and gas, power plants, and other fluid processing and liquid-straining applications that require effective removal of dirt, sand, gravel, and other unwanted solids.
Precise Specifications
Accurately designed micron and mesh size are supplied to ensure perfect filtering of multiple-sized debris particles. (The micron, or micrometre, is a unit of length used to precisely measure minuscule particles. The mesh size of a Y strainer indicates the number of openings in the mesh per linear inch.)
Customer Satisfaction
Ability to implement the right manufacturing, supplying, and customisation strategies to ensure consistent technical support. We provide reliable and efficient Y Strainer solutions that drive us to exceed customer expectations.

Our Y Strainers Are Special Here’s Why

Alter Valve provides a sturdy cap or a tapped cap option with a blow-off plug for convenient screen maintenance! Want to know more?

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Y Strainer Highlights

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Premium Quality
Expertly crafted Y strainers that exceed international quality and safety standards and regulatory compliance.
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Customised Delivery
Perfectly tailored for intricate profiles, configurations, dimensions, designs, and connection types.
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Unique Features
Complete or partial opening and closing of the valve according to controller signals to regulate the process's medium flow, pressure and temperature.
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Functional Options
Equipped with a "blow-off" connection to enable easy cleaning without removing it from the strainer body.

Industrial Applications

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Common Usage
The Y strainer is indispensable in environments that demand unwavering protection against debris and contamination.
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Steam Environments
The strainers' unique “Y” shape proves immensely useful in steam-induced high-pressure environments.
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Liquid Processes
Y strainers effectively prevent sand and gravel from infiltrating liquid applications, thus ensuring the utmost cleanliness of the liquid.
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Natural Gas & Air
In natural gas and air applications where it’s crucial to maintain low operating pressure, the proper sizing of meshes in Y strainers helps regulate the pressure drop between the inlet and outlet.

FAQs on Y Strainers

All Y strainers have an arrow indicating the inlet and outlet. The strainer should be installed in this orientation to ensure proper filtration.
Y strainers come with a variety of end connections like threaded, welded, flanged and special flanges and ring joints.

Generally, smaller-size Y strainers are more affordable than other types of strainers.

The Y strainer has two metal plates fixed with bolts or gaskets. When choosing these devices, look for the following criteria:

  • Size of the pipes used in the system
  • Pressure and temperature of the process
  • Flow rate of medium (helps decide how much pressure to reduce)
  • Kind of materials used ( look for thermal and mechanical shock-resistant materials)
  • Temperature and pressure range of the Y strainer
  • Durability and corrosion-resistant capacities

Y strainers are designed to work in liquid and steam chambers, although they can also be used in other systems. As the medium passes through the strainer, it effectively removes any debris, resulting in a noticeable decrease in liquid pressure. This is referred to as a “pressure drop”. Additionally, the two metal plates seal any liquid from flowing out of the chamber and prevent the filtered and unfiltered liquids from mixing.

As a result, the strainer mesh effectively captures any impurities found in the liquid, ensuring they are kept out of the rest of the system.

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