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Valve Stem Supplier in Russia

Valve Stems Powering Russian Industries

Altervalve's pivotal role as a valve stem supplier in Russia, enhances the industrial sector's efficiency and safety. Our valve stems, integral for fluid flow regulation in systems, cater to diverse applications across oil, gas, petrochemicals, and water treatment. The offerings of AlterValve, known for their adaptability and reliability, enhance the functionality and maintenance of crucial industrial infrastructures, thereby reinforcing our importance in Russia's industrial advancements. As a renowned valve supplier in Russia, we supply valve stems for gate, globe, ball, and butterfly valves.

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The Importance of Valve Stems

Operational Control
They enable the action of components such as discs, wedges, plugs, or balls, crucial for the opening and closing of valves, ensuring correct alignment and positioning.
Connectivity and Integration
One end of the valve stem is connected to the valve's operating mechanism, like an actuator, handwheel, gearbox, or lever, while the opposite end is attached to internal components, including the disc, plug, or ball.
Leakage Prevention
Designed with precision, their smooth surface finish in the sealing areas is a key feature to avert any leakage, enhancing the valve's integrity and performance.
A collection of valve stems from AlterValve.

Material Specifics

  • Dimension range: Diameter: 10mm-550mm Length: 50mm-6000mm
  • Pressure Rating: Class 150-2500
  • Materials: ASTM A182 F304, F316, F6A, F51, F53, F55; A564 630 (17-4PH); A105, A350, LF2; Monel, Inconel, Incolloy, and Hastelloy.
  • Body Style: Comply with BSP/NPT and ACME standard threads
  • Operation: Couple with levers, handwheels, wrench, gearbox, and actuators.
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ALTER is a professional and established supplier of industrial valves, valve parts, and pipes. With ALTER, you can source products at a competitive price with guaranteed quality and the trackable supporting.
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