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We supply ball valves of premium quality that fit every crucial industrial and domestic application.

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The Premium Ball Valve Suppliers

We are one of India's premier ball valve suppliers, providing top-notch valves to a wide range of industries. Our products are indispensable for multiple industrial applications such as oil & gas, water and chemical treatment, petroleum, pharmaceutical, paper, food, and power plants, to name a few.

Ball valves are shut-off valves designed to regulate the flow of media. The primary component of a ball valve is a perforated ball enclosed within the valve’s body. Alter Valve has remained the go-to name for flexibly-priced ball valves for years. We make sure to supply valves that excel in performance and durability.

As one of India's premier valve suppliers, we adhere to the most stringent quality-control protocols to inspect each finished product we stock for operational integrity and safety. Even the tiniest imperfections in valves are promptly identified and rejected, guaranteeing that every ball valve leaving our premises is nothing short of perfection.

Our Range of Ball Valves

Our ability to fulfil your industrial valve requirements to perfection makes us one of the leading ball valve suppliers in India. Our ball valve catalogue comprises:

Why We’re the Best Ball Valve Suppliers in India

Alter Valves’ ball valves are the top choice for many industries and factories, thanks to our meticulous selection of the valves we stock that are highly resistant to rust, corrosion, UV rays, and pollution.
The valves we stock are subjected to the strictest quality control procedures and designed to comply with all global and national industry standards to ensure they facilitate the safest industrial operations.
Along with standard-sized ball valves, we also provide customised valves for specialised applications. Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements regarding valve size, pressure rating, material, etc.
We supply precisely engineered ball valves suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. They are designed to give you complete control over the medium flow, pressure, level of liquid, and medium temperature.
Client Satisfaction
Our meticulous attention to detail ensures you get the best service, support, technical guidance, troubleshooting and device installation. Our dedication lies in surpassing customer expectations as we provide reliable and efficient valve solutions.
Customer Service
We firmly believe in providing our clients with expert guidance beyond mere sales and installation. Our team is always ready to solve technical issues and repair or replace faulty valves with utmost urgency.

Looking For a Reliable Ball Valve Supplier?

Trust Alter Valves to be your reliable ball valve supplier in India, delivering high-performance options. Rely on us to provide you with both conventional and unique solutions.

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Alter Valves’ Ball Valves: Exclusive Features

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Safeguards against possible fire due to the accumulation of static electricity generated by the continuous friction between the ball and the PTFE seats in the presence of flammable fluids.

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Incorporates single-point contact seals and fireproof measures that comply with the APO607, API6FA, and BS6755 standards to ensure complete safety in case of accidental fires.

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Accurate Specifications

Offers a quarter-turn actuation system for efficient operation, bi-directional for optimal performance, micro-finished for precision and durability, and extended stem and bonnet designs are specially crafted for various pipelines.

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Position Indicators

Contains strategically placed piston indicators to indicate the correct direction of flow of the medium. This feature, which is specifically useful in multiport ball valves, ensures safety when the system is operational.

Unique Use Cases

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Industrial Uses

Suitable for industrial purposes in chemical factories, oil refineries, oil rigs, and natural gas facilities.

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Non-Industrial Uses

Useful for non-industrial purposes like fire safety protection, domestic gas and water pipelines, and ship pipelines.

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Shut-Off Uses

Applicable for operational systems handling gas, air, water, steam, oil, acids, and other corrosive fluids.

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Multiple Medium

Suitable for all domestic and industrial uses that require the regulation of dusty particles, fluids, and gases.

Learn More About Ball Valves

Although we quote a maximum time of one to two weeks post receipt of a purchase order, we mostly ship your requirements within a few days. We also accommodate customised orders with specific lead times. Please contact our team for further details.

The best thing about ball valves is that they require minimum maintenance. However, to extend their duration, you need to:

  • Keep it dust and dirt-free
  • Change the O rings inside the valve body
  • Keep it well lubricated to prevent rust and facilitate easy functioning
Ball valves are apt for controlling pressure inside confined spaces like pipelines.
You can regulate the flow of the pipe's contents by simply adjusting the ball valve to a desired partially open position. By partially opening it, the flow rate will decrease, and the pressure will be reduced.
Our three-way ball valves are exclusively designed for diverting applications. Using them for mixing purposes may cause premature wear and tear of the seats and will not produce a flow curve of an equal percentage.

For a coil application, it is important to correctly position the ball valve by connecting it before the coil instead of after the coil, as you would in a mixing application. This ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

Ball valves require systematic maintenance measures, such as:

  • Regular inspections to identify any irregularities
  • Cleaning and lubrication to ensure proper functioning
  • Regular testing to keep technical issues at bay
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ALTER is a professional and established supplier of industrial valves, valve parts, and pipes. With ALTER, you can source products at a competitive price with guaranteed quality and the trackable supporting.
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