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Choose India's premier butterfly valve supplier for top-tier performance. Achieve peak efficiency with high-grade butterfly valves designed for excellence.

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Top-Quality Butterfly Valves

As a leading butterfly valve supplier in India, we pride ourselves on delivering simple, task-oriented valves that are easy to install and maintain, even in challenging industrial settings.

The butterfly valves we supply stand out for their unmatched durability, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer support, amplifying their value significantly. At Alter Valve, we prioritise providing high-quality butterfly valves for a range of industrial applications, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and technical expertise.

Being India's leading industrial valve supplier, each butterfly valve we provide undergoes rigorous toughness and hardness testing, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for our valued customers.

Our Product Line

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Concentric butterfly Valve
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Image of a home ball valve from AlterValve with company name and specifications.
Eccentric Butterfly Valve
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The Alter Valve Advantage

Bespoke Solutions
Recognising the diverse requirements across various industries, we, as butterfly valve suppliers, provide bespoke solutions. Our custom-crafted valves, precisely designed in terms of material, operating pressure, and size, cater to your distinct needs. Leveraging our expertise, we collaborate closely with you to deliver valves that align perfectly with your specifications.
Extensive Selection
Effortlessly find the ideal butterfly valve for your industrial needs with just a few clicks! Our product range encompasses a variety of materials, including bronze, grey iron, ductile iron, cast iron, and stainless steel. Choose from a diverse array of valve types, including damper valves, wafer-type double-flanged, fabricated damper valves, metal-seated, UPVC, FEP/PFA-lined valves, and pharma valves.
Unmatched Quality
Our dedication lies in delivering products of the utmost quality. At Alter Valve, each butterfly valve undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous inspection before they are delivered, ensuring their reliability and longevity. Adhering to global standards and implementing thorough quality control procedures, we strive to not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks with every valve we produce.
Customers First
At Alter Valve, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business ethos. We prioritise fostering long-term client relationships by delivering outstanding service and support. Our dedicated team of trained professionals is readily available to assist you with technical guidance, installation, and troubleshooting needs. We go the extra mile to surpass customer expectations by providing dependable and efficient valve solutions.
After-Sales Support
At Alter Valve, we take pride in delivering top-notch after-sales service. Our attentive team carefully listens to clients like you and addresses your unique needs. Should any issue arise with our products, we promptly offer replacements and, where possible, efficiently repair brass ball valves and resolve any other concerns to ensure seamless functionality.

Powerful Butterfly Valve Solutions

Elevate your industrial operations with our high-performance Butterfly Valves. Discover our extensive range and enhance your processes today!

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Unique Features

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Effortless Operation

Reduced operational torque, thanks to friction-free contact between the disc and the rubber seat.

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Smooth Performance

Ultra-low frictional resistance, ensuring seamless flow for gases, steam, water, oil, and various liquid media.

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Lasting Reliability

Precision-engineered for a secure, leak-proof seal during shut-off, enhancing overall durability.

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Optimal Seal Integrity

Harnessing dynamic valve seats, our valves elevate pressure levels, optimising sealing capacity for superior performance.

Unique Applications of Butterfly Valves

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Adaptable Medium

Capable of managing an array of substances, from chemicals and slurry materials to substantial water volumes, compressed air, and gases.

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Cross-Industry Applicability

Find utility in a wide spectrum of sectors, including food processing, manufacturing units, refineries, as well as water and gas supply services.

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Precision Control

Perfectly suited for regulating flow, throttling, and maintaining optimal positions, making it an ideal choice for controlled processes.

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Beyond Industries

Extend utility beyond industrial settings—leveraged in domestic setups, marine vessels, vacuum services, and firefighting systems.

Butterfly Valves: Frequently Asked Questions

Our butterfly valves are equipped with durable elastomer seals resting on robust flanges, effectively preventing leakages. Therefore, gaskets are not necessary.
To make an informed decision, buyers should consider technical specifications, model differences, and varying capacities. Additional selection criteria encompass valve construction, control options, specific applications, valve capacity, and level of precision.
Butterfly valves can operate bi-directionally, although they often have a chosen flow direction. Installing the valves in this preferred flow direction is strongly recommended, as it promotes longevity and reduces operational torque.
Butterfly valves are suitable for throttling/flow control, as well as on-off control. High-performance butterfly valves are extensively utilised for precise throttling control.
Yes, we do. Our range of accessories includes pneumatic actuators, limit switches, electric actuators, solenoid valves, and more.
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