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Y Strainer Supplier in Russia

Our Y-strainers are indispensable in protecting pipeline equipment and effectively removing unwanted solids.

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Alter Valve’s Y Strainers

The Y-strainer is a simple-looking device that plays a significant role in the industrial landscape. Their primary purpose is to remove debris by filtering free-flowing liquids or gases through a perforated sheet or wire mesh strainer.

In industrial settings, Y-strainers offer exceptional versatility for installation. They can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position per the application. However, in both situations, the Y-strainer’s leg or screening element should be on the downside of the strainer's body. This positioning ensures proper collection of debris from the flowing media.

Alter Valve Co. Ltd is a well-known Y-strainer supplier with a clientele that spans the length and breadth of Russia. Our Y-strainers are ubiquitous across all chemical, power, water, and oil industries in the country.

Our speciality lies in our engineering expertise and infrastructural capacity to deliver customised solutions regardless of design complexity or budget constraints.
Trust only Alter Valve, the leading valve supplier in Russia, to provide Y-strainers that increase operational efficiency and last a lifetime.

Our Y-Strainers

We are Russia’s foremost Y-strainer supplier. Here’s what we offer:
Image of a Y-strainer from AlterValve with company name and specifications to remove unwanted solids from pipelines.
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Why Our Y-Strainers Are in Demand

Suitable Features
Created for flexible adaption, our Y-strainers allow easy manual cleaning when debris accumulation is minimal. You can clean the strainer screen by shutting the line and removing the cap. The “blow-off” connection also enables easy cleaning in demanding applications with substantial dirt accumulation.
Most cost-efficient device for removing debris from gas, liquid, or steam lines. Our Y-strainers are heavily used across Russia’s industrial landscape since they meet the budget requirements of all businesses, including upcoming names in the power, chemical, and oil& gas sectors.
Diverse Usage
Easily adaptable to all complex industrial applications. Our Y-strainers play a significant role in enabling operational efficiency and protecting a slew of industrial equipment such as control valves, steam traps, pumps, regulators, meters, and other processing machinery.
Precise Dimensions
Perfectly matching mesh filters to ensure optimal performance during operations. Using our technical expertise, we have created the mesh size to perfectly align with the strainer. The mesh size indicates the number of openings per linear inch. Micron measurements help gauge the size of the particles passing through the filter.
Extensive Application
Safeguards downstream components from damage or clogging caused by the filtered debris. Our company is a leading provider of customised strainers explicitly designed to tackle the unique challenges encountered by a wide range of industries in Russia.
Customer Satisfaction
Deep-rooted commitment to delivering products, installation support, and post-sales technical assistance whenever needed. We are fully committed to surpassing customer expectations by offering reliable and efficient Y-Strainer solutions customised to meet your individual needs.

Your Best Option For Y-Strainers

Alter Valve’s Y-strainers are meticulously engineered and built to last, making them perfect for various industrial applications. Get a quote today.

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Y-Strainers & Their Specialty

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Finest Quality

Precisely engineered to fulfil all international and domestic quality criteria and safety standards. With our Y-strainers, you can expect only top-notch performance.

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Tailored Precision

Perfectly customised to match your industry specifications, complex configurations, intricate profiles and exclusive dimensions. We also offer design and connection options.

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Distinctive Highlights

Highly effective in regulating media flow, pressure, liquid levels, and temperature. They effortlessly respond to signals emitted by the controller, promptly adjusting their positions to full or partially open or closed positions.

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Operational Convenience

Favourably equipped with a “blow-off” connection, it eliminates the need to dismantle the screen from the strainer body during the cleaning process.

Y Strainer Use Cases

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Steam Applications

Y Strainers are exclusively designed to handle the high pressure arising from steam applications.

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Liquid Applications

In straining applications, Y-strainers are particularly used to protect downstream system components. Chemical processing, power plants, and petroleum refineries used Y strainers for this purpose.

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Water Applications

Y strainers are in safeguarding equipment from potential damage or blockage caused by sand and gravel. These strainers prove to be particularly effective when they are used in water-handling applications.

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Natural Gas & Air

Y-strainers are specifically engineered to withstand the high temperatures and high-pressure industrial processes typically found in natural gas and air settings. The strainers are a must in such industries.

Know More About Y Strainers

Y strainers serve multiple purposes in an industrial setting. The device’s wire meshing is mainly used to filter debris from steam, gases and liquids and, by doing so, protect the integrity of the components like pumps and steam traps. Some Y strainers come with blow-off valves to simplify the cleaning process.
Alter Valve’s Y strainers are incredibly flexible in terms of installation and customisation. Our strainers are easy to install in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on the user’s preference. Additionally, when it comes to customisation options, our Y strainers are truly unrivalled among other types of strainers. The possibilities for customisation seem limitless.
Yes, the Y strainer’s design must align with the application for which you are purchasing it. Hence, to ensure accurate results, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the application before purchasing a Y strainer.
When investing in Y strainers, it is important to choose one that facilitates the application without straining your budget. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, our Y-strainers take the lead because they fit your purpose and budget without compromising on quality.

Generally, Y strainers require very little maintenance. However, to ensure the device works properly, you must:

  • Monitor the pressure to prevent overloading the equipment. If not, the screen may crack under the pressure and require replacement.
  • Disconnect the valve connections on either side of the sieve before cleaning and releasing pressure.
  • Clean out the debris from the mesh filter, then thoroughly wash and reinstall it.
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