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We supply premium-grade check valves that surpass all industry standards in terms of quality, efficiency, design, and durability.

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Premium Quality Industrial Check Valves from AlterValve.

Premium Quality Industrial Check Valves

The check valve is a universally prevalent device in any industrial scenario. As a directional control valve, the device’s primary purpose is to control the direction of the media flowing through the pipelines. Another remarkable characteristic is their unidirectional function. In other words, the valve allows the media to flow only in one direction, which is why they are called non-return valves.

A full-fledged check valve comprises multiple components like nuts, bolts, gaskets, body seats, cover plates, and a disc. The valve works when there is sufficient fluid pressure in the line, while gravity or back pressure keeps it tightly sealed.

Alter Valve is the best-known check valve supplier in Russia’s industrial realm, thanks to its advanced manufacturing and staunch quality processes. Our check valves are used in a myriad of simple and complex applications in all industrial processes.

We are the ideal partner for all your heavy-duty check valve requirements, serving as a trusted valve supplier in Russia.

Our Range of Check Valves

To meet all of your industrial requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions.

Why Our Check Valves Are The Best

Premium Raw Materials
We go to remarkable lengths to procure top-notch raw materials from seasoned vendors across the globe. This ensures that each precisely-made valve bears the hallmark of our customisation capabilities.
Multifaceted Usage
Our check valves are customary across Russia’s industrial, domestic, residential and commercial landscape- From chemical factories, power plants, and oil refineries to schools, hostels, hospitals, shopping malls, and residential buildings.
Reliable Durability
Rigorous testing procedures ensure our check valves are strong enough to endure the immense back pressure and water hammering during various operational stages.
Prompt Delivery
Excellent storage and warehousing facilities to accommodate processed goods and semi-processed valve parts until they are shipped to customers across the country. We coordinate our shipping process to fulfil your urgent industrial requirements.
Client-Centric Approach
We are committed to implementing the appropriate industrial practices to ensure consistency in all areas of our business. Alter Valve is the clear choice for over 99% of our customers in Russia due to our unwavering commitment to excellent quality, exceptional durability, punctual delivery, and top-notch service.

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Look no further than Alter Valve for all your valve requirements. Experience remarkable efficiency, outstanding customer service, and ultimate quality.
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Functional Features of Check Valves

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Automated Operability

Manufactured with self-operating technology to eliminate the need for constant human intervention.

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Material Choices

Diverse range of raw materials such as cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel procured from the best vendors across the globe.

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Eclectic Options

Multiple check valve types to fit your industrial applications. We offer swing check valves, bolted cover valves, and double-flanged or butt weld end valves.

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Assured Protection

Effective protection against reverse flow contamination and equipment damage caused by media backflow.

Diverse Applications

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Industrial Uses

Extensively used in chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, power industries, and water treatment plants.

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Non-Industrial Uses

Employed in fire protection systems, shipping operations, wastewater treatment facilities, and rainwater harvesting systems.

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Industrial Extremeties

Suitable for industrial applications with high pressure, extreme temperatures, corrosive media, and high vibration levels.

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Miscellaneous Applications

Serves a wide range of non-industrial purposes such as potable water distribution, drip irrigation, and heating systems.

Know More About Our Check Valves

Preventive maintenance is the best way to extend the durability of your check valves. All check valves must be subjected to annual rigorous testing and replaced after three to five years of usage.

You should look for:

  • Medium and material compatibility
  • Compatibility with external and media temperature
  • Availability of personnel for inspection and repairs
  • Dimension of the valve envelope
  • Horizontal or vertical installation orientation
  • Cracking and maximum pressure requirements
  • Line size for connection points

Basically, a check valve can be divided into four individual parts:

  • Body
  • Seat
  • Disc
  • Cover

Other components like springs, hinges, bolts, pins, and stems are added according to the purpose and design.

It may be tricky to use the check valve for caustic soda applications because the material may cause the components to stick to each other. However, if you need to use caustic soda, we recommend coating the check valve’s internal parts with Xylan to help easy mobility between components.

Check valves are robust devices built to endure variable pressure extremities and flow conditions during the industrial process. They do not require power to operate and can be used horizontally or vertically as per the application.

  • Using check valves for industries delivers the following benefits:
  • Prevents media backflow
  • Reduces production downtime
  • Prevents production loss
  • Prevents water hammer and valve failure
  • Easy to maintain
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