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Globe Valves in India

Invest in Alter Valve’s high-quality globe valves, specially created to meet the diverse needs of your various industrial applications.
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Your Reliable Globe Valve Suppliers

Globe valves are necessary in practically every industrial setting. These spherical-shaped valves play a dynamic role in high-pressure and fluid-processing environments. They start, stop, and regulate the flow of all kinds of medium, including hot gases, liquids, acids, slurries, and steam.

Also known as a linear motion valve, the globe valve controls the flow in ON/OFF and throttling services.

Alter Valve Co. Ltd is the foremost globe valve supplier with an unparalleled reputation and credibility. Our technical and infrastructural ability to supply an extensive range of industrial globe valves has captivated the interest of both large and small industries. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and stringent quality control protocols, we are known as one of India's leading industrial valve suppliers. We guarantee uncompromising quality, reliability, durability, and efficiency at the most affordable prices.

Our Range of Globe Valves

Image of a Forged Steel Globe Valve Flange from AlterValve with the company name and specifications.
Forged steel globe valve flange
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Image of a Forged Steel Globe Valve from AlterValve with the company name and specifications.
Forged steel globe valve
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Image of a globe valve from AlterValve with company name and specifications.
Casting steel globe valve
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What Makes Our Globe Valves Popular

Incredible Durability
Meticulously crafted using the highest quality raw materials, each valve we supply is engineered to endure the most demanding industrial settings, such as extreme heat, corrosive gases, and various liquids.
Diverse Applications
Designed for high performance and reliable tightness in applications ranging from simple water treatments to complex chemical oil and gas and mining applications, the valves we supply provide exceptional shut-off capability without compromising quality.
Customisation Availability
The ability to provide customised globe valves to suit your industrial processes makes us India's foremost globe valve supplier. Our globe valve has exceptional shut-off and throttling capabilities at different pressures and temperatures.
Quality Control
The finest quality products with highly calibrated precision make our globe valves the most preferred choice in the market. This consistent quality has been possible only because of our lofty quality standards and quality control procedures.
Customer Satisfaction
On-point customer service, 24/7 technical support, and our expertise-based valve solutions have garnered us the best clients worldwide. We go above and beyond to make these relationships sustainable and beneficial for everyone.

Need a Reliable Globe Valve Supplier?

Alter Valve is your first and only choice. We craft better engineering and innovation, one valve at a time.

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Globe Valve Highlights

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Multiple Choices
Wide range of options to choose from, including flanged end, tee and Y angle patterns, butt weld types, threaded end models, and socket welded types.
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Functional Abilities
Available in hydraulic, lever, electrical, pneumatics, and gear with chain operational modes.
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Rear seat arrangements ensure optimal stuffing box isolation, enabling convenient online serviceability.
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Custom-made valves with specially designed discs perfectly match complex profiles, configurations, and dimensions.

Globe Valve Use Cases

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Prominently used in industrial environments such as power generation plants, oil and gas facilities, petrochemical plants, etc.
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Their sturdiness makes our globe valves indispensable in corrosive, risky, high-pressure, high-steam, and hazardous processes.
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Our globe valves are perfect for regulating flow in water and fuel oil systems, providing optimal cooling.
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From chemical feeds, heater drains, and condenser air extraction to turbine seals and lube oil systems, our globe valves are used in more ways than one.

Additional Info on Globe Valves

To understand this, we must first understand the CV factor, which refers to the valve’s line size. Some globe valves and ball valves may share the same size. However, ball valves have a higher CV rating. Hence, applications that demand a large globe valve will necessitate the utilisation of a compact ball valve.
Alter Valve’s globe valves are used in industrial applications requiring throttling isolation and where pressure drop is not a major controlling factor.

Our globe valves tick every box on the list of benefits. They are:

  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Capable of better shut-off
  • Available with several patterns and types
  • Quick to operate with open and closed options
  • Leak-proof and safe to operate
  • Simple in design with linear motion

When the fluid flow commences, the handle or hand wheel is rotated in an anticlockwise or clockwise direction. The movable disc or plug attached to the valve steam rises on the upper side, allowing the medium to flow at a maximum rate.

When the fluid flow stops, the handle is rotated clockwise or anticlockwise. A movable disc or plug attached to the valve stem is fully lowered, thus shutting off the fluid flow passing through the body of the valve steam.

Forged Steel Globe Valve with Flange:
We supply Forged Steel Globe Valve with Flange is purpose-built for various industrial processes, catering to applications necessitating efficient isolation of gas, liquids, or steam. This valve is highly versatile and capable of handling a wide range of media, including gas, air, steam, water, and oil.

Forged Steel Globe Valve:
Our Forged Steel Globe Valves find extensive deployment within oil and gas refineries and pipelines. Designed to operate effectively in high-pressure and high-temperature environments, these valves excel in controlling the flow of crucial substances such as natural gas, crude oil, and other hydrocarbons.

Casting Steel Globe Valve:
Cast Steel Globe Valves featuring flanged or butt-welding end connections adhere to rigorous quality standards. Widely embraced by the gas, petrochemical, and oil industries, these valves offer superior performance and reliability, making them indispensable for regulating the flow of vital substances.

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