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We lead the way in industrial valve innovation. Our top-of-the-line ball valves are expertly designed to meet the various demands of Russia’s industrial sector.

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Premium Quality Ball Valves

Alter Valve is a well-known ball valve supplier catering to numerous industries in Russia. Our speciality lies in offering customised ball valves with the shortest lead times in any corner of Russia.

Making things happen is a supremely capable team of sales experts and visionary engineers who create a wide range of industrial valves for small and big applications.
Our inventory includes a wide range of ball valves, including both standard and specialty-engineered options for various industries, including oil and natural gas, chemical and power plants, water treatment plants, etc.

We make it easy for consultants and managers to select and purchase products by leveraging our industry experience to deliver fast quotes. In short, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this industry with our expertise and dedication to customer service.

Our Range of Ball Valves

We have everything you need to meet all your industrial requirements. We offer:

Why Our Ball Valves Are Popular

Exceptional Durability
Remarkable longevity to UV rays, moisture, dust, and hardcore industrial contaminants. Our ball valves are resilient to demanding industrial environments because they are built to global standards and undergo tough quality control measures.

Tailored Products
Customised solutions to cater to diverse industrial demands and applications. Our customisation expertise includes size specifications, material preference, design uniqueness, and pressure ratings.
Application Versatility
Precisely engineered ball valves made as per international safety and quality standards. They fulfil complex industrial applications like pressure and temperature regulation, media flow and level regulation, and partial or complete opening and closure of valves.
Post-Sales Support
Unwavering post-sales support and technical assistance to deal with any functional issues that may arise during the installation or application. We repair or replace your valves with minimum downtime to ensure uninterrupted functionality.
Customer-Driven Approach
Robust commitment to customer satisfaction. Our top priority is fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients, providing them with outstanding service and support in troubleshooting, installation, and technical assistance.

Upscale Your Industrial Capabilities

Elevate your industrial operations in Russia with our exceptional and dependable ball valves from Alter Valve.
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Ball Valves: Unique Features

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Anti-static Nature

Prevention of potential fire hazards caused by static energy generated by the friction between the ball and the PTFE seats, particularly in flammable fluids.

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Fire Protection

Complies with the industry's highest standards, such as API6FA, APO607, and BS6755, to ensure maximum safety from industrial fires.

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Precise Specifications

Dual-directional flow, quarter-turn actuation, micro-finished ball, bonnet design, and extended stem for specific pipeline applications.

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Position Indexes

Precisely placed piston indicators on top of the ball indicate the direction of media flow. This feature is handy in multi-port ball valves.

Unique Industrial Use Cases

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Shut-Off Applications

Designed for use in systems that handle water, steam, water, gases, air, oil, and corrosive fluids like acids.

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Industrial Applications

Extensive application in oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, power generation, and water treatment industry.

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Non-Industrial Applications

Essential for non-industrial applications like domestic and ship pipelines and fire safety protection services.

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Versatile Medium Applications

Designed to control the free-flowing movement of industrial gases, fine particles, and liquids.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ball Valves

Yes, it is possible because the lubrication improves the smooth operability and effectiveness of the valve seals. It also prevents abrasion.
A ball valve opens when the valve handle is parallel to the pipe. It is closed when the handle is perpendicular to the pipeline. You can easily tell if the ball valve is closed or open just by looking at it.
Low-pressure valves are used in simple applications like toilets. High-pressure ball valves are used as the primary input. They are also designed to prevent the forceful outflow of pressurised fluid from overflowing tanks.
Certainly, the ball valve can indeed be installed in upside-down orientations. However, it's essential to note that any deviation from the vertical position compromises its safety. Hence, we do not recommend installing it in an upside-down orientation.
The direction of the ball valves depends on its design and locking system. To shut off the valve, the ball valve should be rotated clockwise.
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