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Rely on our check valves to ensure the right flow of the medium, prevent reverse flow and enhance your operational finesse. 

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Check Valves: An Overview

The two main functions of a check valve are to allow the flow of gases and fluids only in one direction and to prevent the reverse flow of the medium. This automatic device creates a leak-proof seal and controls the one-directional flow of fluids to preserve the operational integrity of pumps and compressors.

Ruling the realm of industrial valve suppliers is Alter Valve, one of the foremost check valve suppliers in India. We are one of the largest repositories of standard check valves of various dimensions and specifications. We are also reputed for our expertise in supplying customised check valves for several industrial applications.

At Alter Valve, we follow an established quality check protocol to ensure each valve is individually checked for design or functional faults. With our extensive inventory of Check Valves, we are fully equipped to fulfil and surpass the needs and desires of our valued customers.

Our Range of Check Valves

To fulfil all your industrial needs, we have

Why We’re the Best Check Valve Suppliers in India

Stringent quality control measures to ensure that each valve is built to sustain water hammering and back pressure and fulfils every quality criterion.
Customer Satisfaction
Prompt order delivery, consistent service and maintenance, and unwavering commitment to quality and durability have given us more than 99% happy customers.
On-Point Delivery
Efficient warehousing and storage facilities and streamlined transport and logistics partners to ensure timely delivery of valves in any corner of India.
Finest Materials
Choicest and finest materials used for every component of the valve that we supply, with precise measurements, and multiple options for dimensions, trims, caps, and body materials.
Diverse Applications
Seamlessly integrate into various applications, including chemical, petroleum, oil & gas, and, pharmaceutical sectors, as well as residential and commercial complexes like apartments, hostels, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and colleges.

Elevate Safety, Optimize Performance

Improve your industrial operations and enhance your personal safety with Alter Valve’s check valves. Choose from a wide range of options & get the best customer support.

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Check Valve Special Features

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Choicest Material

Our valves are forged from meticulously picked materials like stainless steel, alloy steel, cast steel, and carbon steel.

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Diverse Range

Our product line of check valves comprises bolted cover valves, swing check valves, double flanged or butt weld end valves.

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Complete Automation

Fully automated valves without any need for manual control and human intervention to make it work.

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Effective prevention of medium backflow and contamination from reverse flow to protect industrial machinery.

Check Valves: Unique Use Cases

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Chemical Industries

Chemical processing, one-way medium flow, contamination prevention and process integrity maintenance in critical chemical industry operations.

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Power Plants

Control of water flow, steam, and coolant to ensure safety and efficiency in conventional and nuclear power plants.

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Nuclear Industry

Management of coolant flow, prevention of medium backflow, and maintenance of operational safety in nuclear plants.

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Petrochemical Industry

Protection of personnel and equipment and controlling the flow of corrosive and volatile fluids in petrochemical processes.

More About Check Valves

Check valves are mainly used in big and small industries to prevent the backflow of medium and thereby prevent damage to industrial equipment and curb the upstream media from contamination.

With check valves, you may encounter:

  • Noisiness
  • Water hammer
  • Excessive vibration
  • Reverse flow
  • Sticking
  • Leakage
  • Component wear and tear
A quick-acting spring-actuated check valve can effectively avert water hammer, thus mitigating pressure surges and preventing the formation of shock waves in the media.
Yes, we provide customisation for check valves. Kindly contact Alter Valve’s technical team to discuss your requirements for customisation.

Kindly check the following criteria when choosing your check valve supplier:

  • Quality of the product
  • Supplier’s experience
  • Company’s reputation
  • Quality certifications
  • Customer support
  • Customisation availability
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