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Globe Valve Supplier in Russia

We supply meticulously designed globe valves boasting unparalleled precision to suit the diverse and demanding requirements of various industrial applications.
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A collage of Alter’s Industrial Globe Valves.

Alter’s Industrial Globe Valves

The globe valve gets its name from its distinctly round body comprising two halves isolated by a disc that opens or closes as per the application. By design, this valve is more complex than others, thanks to its numerous components like seat ring, cage, plug, stem, body, and bonnet.

Alter Valve is a highly reputed globe valve supplier catering to Russia’s sizeable industrial landscape. Our globe valves are immensely useful in the plant piping industry, where their manual and automatic operation helps regulate pressure flows and enable complete shutoff when necessary.

At Alter Valve, we are the top industrial valve supplier in Russia that adopts a consumer-centric approach to delivering top-quality globe valves designed to regulate pressure, media flow, and level. Ours is a team of engineering and valve specialists responsible for supervising every facet of our manufacturing expertise. We take meticulous care in finalising the design, sourcing raw materials, manufacturing each valve to precision, and adopting rigorous testing procedures.

Our quality check processes are as unique as our valves. We provide an all-inclusive inspection report after thorough visual checks, accurate dimension verification, test supervision, examination of paint quality, assessment of packaging, and the issuance of a detailed test report.

Our Range of Globe Valves

We supply the following types of globe valves for industrial operations:
Image of a Forged Steel Globe Valve Flange from AlterValve with the company name and specifications.
Forged steel globe valve flange
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Image of a Forged Steel Globe Valve from AlterValve with the company name and specifications.
Forged steel globe valve
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Image of a globe valve from AlterValve with company name and specifications.
Casting steel globe valve
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What Makes Our Globe Valves Popular

Reliable Supply
Comprehensive range of industrial valves built to remain durable and functional in any industrial scenario. We ensure a consistent supply of standard and customised globe valves to keep your operations going without interruption.
Application Versatility
Applicable for both intricate and straightforward applications, our globe valves are omnipresent in chemical, oil & gas, water treatment, and mining. Our valves are designed to provide exceptional shutoff performance, guaranteeing top-notch quality at affordable prices.
Customised Exclusivity
Tailored valve solutions aligned to your specific industry and application requirements. Our valves guarantee complete shutoffs under different pressures and temperatures and have adjustable throttling capacities catering to the Russian industrial sector.
Stringent Standards
Unmatched dedication to supplying products of the highest quality. Our valves are designed and manufactured per Russian standards and undergo rigorous quality checks to fulfil all industry benchmarks.
Client-Centric Approach
Guaranteed top-notch valve solutions, which are both dependable and trustworthy. We value building enduring relationships with our clients, which is why we put so much effort into providing exceptional service.

Think Globe Valves Think Alter Valve

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Unique Specifics

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Available in T and Y angle patterns, flanged end, socket welded, butt welded, and threaded end models.
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Fulfils multiple operational modes such as hydraulics, gear, electricals, pneumatics, chain, and lever mode.
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Back seat arrangement design to isolate the stuffing box for online serviceability.
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Specially designed valve discs custom-made to suit intricate configurations, dimensions, and profiles.

Unique Applications

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Industrial Uses
Utilized in all high-end industrial sectors including power plants, petrochemical industries, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries.
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Critical Uses
Applicable in all industrial processes using corrosive and hazardous materials and in high pressure and temperature applications.
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Flow Regulation
Used extensively in systems to regulat the flow of cooling water, fuel, and oil systems for flow regulation.
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Miscellaneous Uses
Used in all non-industrial applications like turbine seals, lube oil systems, turbine seals, condenser air extraction systems, and heater drains.

Globe Valve: Deeper Insights

The globe valve has a disc that starts, stops, and throttles media flow. This linear-motion closing-down valve is fitted with a seat that operates directionally proportional to the direction of the disc travel. Thus, it makes it ideal for applications requiring controlling flow rate.

The main applications of the globe valve are:

  • Steam and condensation services
  • Pressure and temperature regulation
  • Process control in nuclear plants

Our globe valves come in a wide range of body and stem designs that can be customised to meet specific needs.

There are three types of globe valves:

  • Ball disk, ideal for low-pressure and temperature applications
  • Plug disks which better throttle are used in hard service requirements
  • Composition disk with a hard insert ring for tight sealing

To purchase globe valves, please select your preferred option according to the following criteria:

  • Pressure rating
  • Raw material
  • Valve size
  • Valve standard
  • Valve design (Oblique, angle, standard)
  • Disc type (Ball, plug, composition)

Of course, automation is possible with globe valves. These are control valves, and numerous automation options are available to make the valve disc mobile. The options are:

  • Pneumatic pistons
  • Diaphragm, actuators
  • Electric rotary actuators
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