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Explore superior gate valves crafted to endure the toughest industrial processes, provided by the leading gate valve supplier in India- Alter Valve.
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Top-performing Gate Valves

Gate valves, also known as shut-off or sluice valves, provide manual control over flow by raising or lowering a wedge (disc) through the rotation of a hand wheel. Their uncomplicated design ensures reliability and minimal maintenance.

At Alter Valve, we supply gate valves that boast robust construction using durable materials, ensuring enduring performance across diverse industrial and commercial settings. Being one of the leading gate valve suppliers in India, we maintain valued partnerships with India's extensive industrial sectors. We are your trustworthy industrial valve suppliers that prioritise the delivery of high-performance gate valves renowned for their exceptional quality, longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Gate Valve Product Range

The image showcases a reliable Forged Steel Gate Valve from AlterValve with the company name and specifications for fluid flow control in piping systems.
Forged steel gate valve
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The image showcases a reliable Forged Steel Gate Valve Flange from AlterValve with the company name and specifications, used to control the flow of fluids in piping systems.
Forged steel gate valve flange
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Image of a gate valve from AlterValve with company name and specifications.
Casting steel gate valve
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Why Our Gate Valves Are Your Best Choice

Assured Quality
Experience the pinnacle of quality with our top-grade gate valves. We subject our valves to rigorous testing and inspection, guaranteeing you unmatched dependability and effectiveness. Rest assured, each valve not only meets but exceeds industry standards, thanks to our adherence to global benchmarks and meticulous quality control procedures.
Versatile Applications
Discover gate valves engineered for versatile and reliable performance across a broad spectrum of industrial applications. You benefit from first-rate flow control, impeccable sealing, and extended durability. Our gate valves are ideal for industries such as petrochemicals, oil and gas, chemical processing, water treatment, and power generation. We offer a diverse selection of materials, sizes, and customisable combinations, ensuring a perfect fit for various industries.
Tailored Solutions
Gain access to a dedicated team that collaborates closely with you to design and manufacture valves that perfectly align with your specifications. Whether you require a specific material, size, end connection type, pressure rating or have other design preferences, we ensure a custom solution that meets your exact requirements. Your satisfaction and seamless integration of our valves into your systems are our top priorities.
Unwavering Customer Focus
​​Elevating customer satisfaction is at the core of our business ethos. We prioritise fostering enduring client relationships through exceptional service and support. Our commitment is to exceed customer expectations by delivering reliable and efficient valve solutions that instil trust and confidence. We strive to consistently go the extra mile, ensuring your experience with our products and services is nothing short of outstanding.
Sustainable and Responsible
Driven by a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, we, as a leading gate valve supplier, prioritise sustainable practices. Our gate valves are thoughtfully designed to significantly enhance overall system efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and prevent leaks. Emphasising efficiency and waste reduction, we actively contribute to fostering a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Elevate Efficiency

Explore our gate valve solutions for a sustainable, efficient future. Upgrade your industrial efficiency and redefine excellence in fluid control.

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Exclusive Features

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Exemplary Engineering
Provide your operations with accurately crafted and meticulously assembled components crafted from the highest quality, high-performance materials.
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Dependable Endurance
Ensure lasting durability with precise seat alignment, expertly machined body channels, a fully guided wedge, and renewable seat rings for extended longevity.
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Optimal Sealing Assurance
Secure a leak-proof seal with robust body bonnet joints and the added effectiveness of a spiral wound gasket for optimal security.
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Efficient Fluid Management
Attain precise control over flow dynamics, minimise frictional loss, and easily regulate throttling and flow, all while benefiting from superior corrosion resistance.

Matchless Applications

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Versatile Utility
Ideal for a wide array of applications, our valves accommodate neutral gases and liquids across various pressure classes, flow velocities, and temperatures.
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Easy Adaptability
Trusted across diverse sectors, including oil and gas, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, marine, and automotive industries, showcasing reliability and adaptability.
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Diverse Mediums
Perfect for regulating a range of mediums, including potable water, neutral gases, steam, and liquid, and wastewater.
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Broad Spectrum
Suited for precise control in managing the flow of powder products, hydrocarbons, and slurries, illustrating a wide applicability range.

Gate Valves- FAQ’s Answered

Gate valves are not recommended for flow throttling purposes, as doing so could potentially cause damage to the seats or wedge. These valves are optimally designed for applications involving complete opening or closing, making them ideal for isolation purposes.
Gate valves should not be employed at the end of a pipeline, commonly known as end-of-line duty. These valves are not engineered to handle the elevated pressure and flow conditions that typically manifest in this position. For end-of-line applications, it is advisable to use suitability-rated blanking flanges, a specialised type of flange designed to block and halt any flow through the pipeline's termination point.
Gate valves are operated using a variety of mechanisms. These include manual operation achieved through a handwheel or stem cap, allowing for remote control using a T-key or extension spindle. Additionally, automated operation is made possible by fitting intelligent actuators to the valve, providing efficient control without the need for manual intervention.
A gate valve, operating through multiple turns, is primarily designed for flow isolation. It utilises a travelling wedge that moves through the media, providing an unobstructed, clean bore when fully open. On the other hand, a butterfly valve, operating with a quarter turn, serves to isolate or regulate flow through a rotating disc in the flow path. Butterfly valves are specifically designed for clean media applications.

To ensure optimal performance and durability of gate valves, adherence to the following maintenance guidelines is crucial:

  • Operate the valve at least once a month, especially if it's not in frequent use, to maintain functionality and prevent potential issues.
  • Before commencing any maintenance, ensure the system's pressure is fully relieved to conduct safe servicing.
  • During valve removal from the pipework, meticulously reverse the installation steps, following the correct sequence to prevent damage.
  • When replacing the valve gate, carefully disassemble the top body (bonnet) and stem. Replace the existing gate with a new part, and securely reinstall the top body before refitting the valve into the pipeline.
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